If you are interested in competing on a NAGA Pro card complete this application. It is important that you complete the application fully and with as many details as possible as it will help with making fair matches. We will contact you if we have a potential match up for you and provide you more information once the match is agreed upon.

If you do not train in BJJ then list your rank in that art or your experience i.e. judo black belt, D1 college wrestler. We look forward to seeing you on the NAGA Pro stage.

Competitors must be able to sell a minimum of 20 tickets for the event in which they are competing. Please only apply for an event(s) where you can meet this requirement.

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Please note that competitors must be able to sell a minimum of 20 tickets. Only select an event where you can meet this requirement. If you can then please select the event(s) you would like to compete in.
Select which event(s) you want to compete in.

Competition Information

Enter you school or team name here
Which style do you prefer to compete in?
Enter your BJJ rank. If no BJJ rank choose N/A. Children/Teens list your rank in the experience box.
Enter the weight or weight range you want to compete at.
Enter your training experience and any non-BJJ ranks you have.
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